Stephens/Partridge Bulgaria Sofia Mission Reunion

Saturday, June 4 - 4:00pm - 7:00pm 200 S. Eagle Ridge Blvd. North Salt Lake City, UT 84054

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I just threw them on...yes, some are sideways...but, if you just turn your head...
Okay...I'm lazy, I'll deal with it later. :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Okay...can I tell you all how completely awesome you all are!?! Seriously!! Wow!!

Not only was the reunion a TOTAL blast, there were SO many people...but, I think we made it close to, if not over, $1000 for the Anderson Family. I don't have the final number...but, completely awesome is my mission?! Oh my gosh!! You guys ROCK!!

Also...makes me VERY glad I didn't offer to shave my head if we made over a thousand...I had considered it...thinking we would get nowhere close. Shows ya what I know.

While I've always secretly wanted to shave my head, I found myself very glad to be brushing hair, instead of buffing my noggin' this evening.

But seriously, I am completely humbled and thrilled with the outcome of the reunion. I have pictures that will be posted...probably not until after Monday. But, rest assured they will be posted. Thanks for all the help cleaning up afterwards. I didn't even have to ask...everyone just pitched right in. (((hugs)))

For those of you who couldn't were all remembered fondly. Let's plan to do this again...after I have had sufficient counseling and medication...maybe some time in a padded room...

Perhaps there will be a new blog...for 2013?

You KNOW I will keep you prepare yourselves for the next round of hassling for updates and family pictures. :)

Today is the DAY!!

Okay, today is the day! We've only hit ONE "minor" snag. Isn't it always something? Things just can't go smoothly.

We showed up at the building to start some preliminary preparations...and a funeral was going on.

...insert appropriate profanity here...

*eye twitch*

...little more profanity...b'cause I'm just not quite the ideal celestial being yet...

So, after doing the dance of I-want-to-yell-at-someone-because-we've-had-the-building-scheduled-for-months...we made some calls, and without actually uttering a single naughty word...(maybe I'm a little more celestial than I thought?)...we have scheduled the building across the street, and one block north. You can actually SEE the new venue from the old venue.

We will have someone at the old building directing traffic to the new building...and maybe a sign. Dammit! I have to make a sign. ONE naughty word.

Can't wait to see everyone!!

Be sure to admire the new building and tell me how much better it is than that OTHER building.

I'm not even going to bother posting the address...b'cause seriously it's so close to the other's not really THAT big of a deal. And it's not like you can argue with the people who just lost a loved one.

It's just...the stress...*goes to pop a valium*...


LOOK FOR THE BALLOONS! That's right...balloons. Like it's a kid's birthday party. *grin*

CALL IF YOU NEED DIRECTIONS - Abbie 505-412-3166

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The final countdown!

I have no idea how many days there are left...but, I'm pretty sure today is Tuesday since that was the day my husband was going to abandon me to go work out at Dugway...since my eye is twitching, and I don't see him must be Tuesday. So, blah, blah, blah...the reunion is SATURDAY!! I'm totally excited!

Good friends, Bulgarian music, fundraiser, and cake!

Sadly I think my excitement could mostly be rooted in my husband being in charge of the kids...or maybe it's the cake...kind of a toss up there.

The maps are here on the blog...over there on the right...

See 'em? Just over click! Unless of course you're Keogh and can't be bothered to click...then you can wander around North Salt Lake and we'll play Marco Polo. there a Bulgarian version of Marco Polo? My water missionary water games were limited to How-long-can-I-stay-under-the-shower-before-I-get-brainfreeze, and Guess-how-many-more-seconds-of-warm-water-you-have-left.

Anywho...there are maps coming from the North or the South.

Can't wait to see everyone! Drive safely!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Two Weeks to GO!!!

Two weeks to go...we needs a few more volunteers. Thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far!
I had surgery today, so I'm a little high on codeine sooooooo while I'd love to wax poetic about how excited I am about the reunion...I'm gonna stop there.

Though...poetry and codeine...could be interesting...?

Hamina, hamina,

Monday, May 16, 2011

President Stephens is COMING!!

I just got the official word in Pres. Stephens will be at the reunion! Woot!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I hope everyone is excited! Three weeks to go! If there's someone you want to see...make sure they get a link to the blog. I know I'm kind of a big deal...and I know it's hard to believe...but, I don't have everone's contact information. So...send your emails, and make your calls, post it on your FB and throw it out into the cyber-universe.

I have a call in to Gary Stephens...rumour has it that he will make it to the reunion, but I'm waiting for a call back before I announce that he will definitely be there.


I've gotten five volunteer spots taken...THANK YOU!! You guys are AWESOME!!

I still need two strapping men to help with set up, and two to help with take-down. My back has recently gone on strike, and my hubby will acting as zoo-keeper before, during, and after the I'm needing volunteers to come early to put up tables, and stay after a bit to put them away. I know a lot of people have small children like me. But, it should go quickly if we have enough people to pitch in! Many hands make light work!

I want to stay friends with my brothers in law, so there's only so much I can ask from them. *grin*

I also need some help setting up food, and cleaning up after...I need 1 more person to help set up food, and 1 more person to help clean up at the end. Since we are using a ward building, we want to leave it tidy.

This is the time to step up so we can make this a fantastic reunion for everyone!!

I need three  TWO more volunteers to help set up tables at 3:15
I need three  ONE more volunteer to stay late and take down tables.
I need two ONE more volunteer to help set up food at 3:15
I need two ONE more volunteer to help clean up food afterwards.

email me at