Stephens/Partridge Bulgaria Sofia Mission Reunion

Saturday, June 4 - 4:00pm - 7:00pm 200 S. Eagle Ridge Blvd. North Salt Lake City, UT 84054

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Here is our reunion blog! This is an easy way that we can share information prior to the mission reunion on June 4th. I will post a map to the chapel, driving directions, and lists of foods for which you can volunteer.

Afterwards I will post pictures from the reunion. Only the good, and flattering ones...I swear! *crosses fingers*

I know that there are many missionaries that have yet to be contacted. Is there anyone you know who has moved? changed their email? dropped off the face of the earth? Get on Google and find them! Not everyone is on Facebook...or...maybe they just aren't my friend. *sniff* So, I hereby issue the challenge to send this out to all your peeps!

I will (hopefully) be posting updates on all the missionaries on here. That's the plan if people will get on the ball! So...this will soon become a private blog.
So, even if you are not attending you can keep up on the fun!

Here is your task...

Send an email to

Please include...

1. First Name, Last Name, and Maiden Name if necessary.

2, Email address, so that I can add it to a member list for the blog.

3. A recent picture (yes, really) of you and your family, and a few lines about what you have been up to in the last too-many-to-mention years since we have seen you! If you want to include spouse, and names and ages of rugrats...feel free...or just drop the number. Door prize for the most kids! (Just kidding...or am I?)

Those who choose NOT to send me information, you will still be included, with an embarrassing archive  mission photo, and a blurb of MY choosing...perhaps detailing your whimsical life as a carnie in the midwest, or your passion for collecting pickle forks.

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  1. Does it could if the baby is almost born at the time of the reunion. So that would be 6 and 8/9ths fully cooked kids. Well, does anyone even have 6. Perhaps it's just me. Guess who is posting this and you might win the door prize.