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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Heads-up to Fabulous Idea People...

Just when you think you've got it bad. Along comes a story that puts everything into perspective once it should be.
In the middle of griping about my Autistic son's issues at school, I came across Jacob's note on Facebook.

Jacob Anderson's young son William, has been diagnosed with Leukemia.

My week just turned into marshmallow sheep, chocolate butterflies and unicorn farts! I would like to officially withdraw my candidacy for the recipient of the "Worst Week" award.

I'm trying to come up with something we can do for the Anderson family...this creativity is where I lack any kind of talent. Manage a blog? Easy-peasy. Pithy comments? Sure! Feed an army? No prob.

But, this is a little beyond my own organizational gifts...I think I would ask everyone to bring fast food gift cards...see? I stink at this and tend to go the uber practical route. Any ideas? Want to take over that whole idea? I will grant you a FABULOUS job title. I would love to see us all able to pull together on this. I'm sure anything to relieve stress at this time would be highly appreciated by the Anderson family.

So, are you a fabulous idea person? Is your significant other a fabulous idea person? I need someone to come up with something we can do at the reunion to benefit the Anderson Family.  Contact me...more information. No ideas can me more dumb than mine!
Abbie 505-412-3166

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